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Ask Richard! IT Job CoachRichard E. Ward, the IT Job Coach, provides advice and guidance to Information Technology (IT) professionals seeking to find a new job or advance their career.

Richard spent many years as a recruiter and headhunter in the Information Technology vertical working with IT professionals from entry level to President. He was a founding partner in a software development consulting company.

Richard now works as a Sounding Board, Communications Consultant & Guide. He is available to select clients to help them advance their careers.

Beyond Motivation by James Tackaberry McCay with Richard E. Ward

Beyond Motivation by J.T. McCay with Richard E. Ward

Tydbyte Media recently published BEYOND MOTIVATION by James Tackaberry McCay with Richard E. Ward.

BEYOND MOTIVATION helps individuals and groups increase their productivity by recognizing that working with others is an exchange of energy. Discover how to recognize the direction and intensity of your own energy and the energy of others so that you can amplify positive outcomes, eliminate waste and store or redirect energy. Get, and give, more for less to each other.

The Management of Time by James T. McCay with Richard E. Ward

The Management of Time by James T. McCay

Richard was the co-author of the Introduction and Appreciation to THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME by James T. McCay published by Prentice-Hall in 1992. Since it was first published in 1959, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed increased productivity by reading and using The Management of Time.

IT Job Coach Job Search Tips

Finding a great IT job with an excellent salary when you are conducting a job search is in fact a job. And if you are unemployed then it is a full time job. And it is a job that most job seekers are not trained to conduct.

Here are a few basic tips, written by Richard E. Ward, to help you with some job search fundamentals.

IT Job Coach Career resources

There are many excellent books written to help guide you on various aspects of finding work so take a look at our Career Resources list.